June 21, 2004

A Great Father's Day Tribute from Dooce

Jon Armstrong (he of Blurbomat fame) gets an inspiring First Father's Day shoutout from the ladies....
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Advances in Pre-natal Screening Make for Difficult Choices

The Times' Amy Harmon takes a long, involved look at the new, difficult choices that parents-to-be sometimes face because of prenatal tests like the triple screen. Earlier, more accurate fetal testing can spot potential birth defects and disabilities sooner, giving...
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Handmade Modern Baby Blankets

To regular Daddy Types readers, this architect couple's dilemma hits home: "My husband and I were constantly looking for furniture, clothing, and toys that would complement our modern style. Unfortunately, it was much more difficult than we imagined." Not one...
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A Variety of Memory Book Options

A couple of Daddy Typers in Hotlanta emailed asking about memory books, those keepsake photo/big event albums for recording a kid's life until he's old enough to blog it for himself. I have to confess my ignorance of the memory...
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Beta Male: Wimping Out of The Delivery Room

So maybe everybody's not comparing epistiotomy stories during the NBA playoffs. In Sunday's NYT, Rick Marin tries to lead a rallying cry for dads-to-be who, when it comes to actual birth, would rather wait this one out, thanks, in the...
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