June 19, 2004

Camo and Uniforms for Babies

After seeing so much camo for dads, I thought I'd Google camo onesies*; I hit the jackpot. The one-piece bodysuit jackpot, that is.

The military clothing site, Out In Style has a wide range of kid clothing, including a camo diaper cover, long- and short-sleeve camo baby t-shirts, and a camo dress (available in woodland/blue pattern only).

They also have firefighter and police uniforms for babies and older kids, although "Infant sizes does NOT [sic] come with accessories (ie., handcuffs, nightstick) for safety reasons."

You'll have to find the indian and construction worker clothes on your own.

*see below

Even as you Google for Onesies, I would caution you against any attempt to turn a trademarked brand name into a generic term. Onesie(R) is a highly regarded--and carefully guarded--trademark of Gerber Childrenswear, Inc. Google, on the other hand, is apparently a random word picked out of the aether. Who knows how it came to be synonymous with searching the internet?

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