June 15, 2004

Red, White & Blue Diaper Babies

In the sixties, the John Birch Society outed a bunch of college-age children of Communists who they said were secretly conspiring to foment unrest on campuses around the country. These youngsters were surreptitiously programmed from birth, they said, to destroy Our Way Of Life. The name given to these sleeper cells? Red Diaper Babies.

How times have changed. In this election year, politically motivated parents can outfit their kid in gear that sends the appropriate message, whatever that is. And as for sleeper cells, hey, whatever gets you through the night, man. reelect_reagan.jpgHere's a roundup:

  • Kid Gear at the George W Bush Store [ex. Bush/Cheney '04 romper, "43" football jersey. Whatever your politics, you have to agree: W's got the slickest store, with the most comprehensive merchandising, of any campaign. "Made by children, for children".]

  • Kerry Gear [Nothing. Godless Democrats let their babies run around naked like little savages.]

  • Baby Politico, Vote Kerry for the children clothes...for the children. [And Kerry opposes outsourcing? He's outsourced his campaign baby gear! Actually, products are all from American Apparel.]

  • Politico Tees at Baby Wit [ex. "I already know more than the president" Actual honest-to-goodness hammer & sickle bodysuit available, too. And a "No blood for mohel!" anti-circumcision one, too. ]

  • Planned Parenthood bodysuit [only a paradox for those who happen also to be biblical literalists.]

  • Irregular Goods' Progressive Kids Stuff [Enough angry logo options to keep Cafeshop's sweatshops humming for weeks]

  • While the Bush-Zombie Reagan'04 campaign site doesn't sell any gear yet, you can get a "Re-elect Reagan" baby T-shirt here.

  • Che Guevara bodysuit [Sold out at appaman, but still available at Naissance on Melrose, it seems]

  • This Reagan-as-Che T-shirt doesn't come in baby sizes, but it's too good not to mention. Maybe you could use a small one as a nightshirt...


    Re: Nekkid Kerry babies

    Don't be silly, we have wood floors to protect. Our babies run around in environmentally- and ESA-friendly cloth diapering systems.

    our kids run around naked on the hard wood floors just fine!

    And I'll take one of those Zombie Reagan t-shirts!

    I *love* the "Mommy and Daddy love me too much to vote for Bush" outfit. :)

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