June 15, 2004

Giant Microbe Plush Toys

rhinovirus.jpgBen Macneil reminded me* of Giant Microbes, plush toy versions of disease-causing germs and viruses. This one here is the rhinovirus, which causes colds. The collection runs from the benign (halitosis, athlete's foot) to the calamitous (ebola and the black plague).

More than Ugly Dolls, whose smooth bodies may appeal more to hip parents, many Giant Microbes are covered with kid-friendly, grabbable doodads. They're available--and cheap, two for $10 or so--at the Giant Microbes site.

* I mean that he mentioned something that I'd seen and forgotten, not that he reminds me of Ebola. Although Trixie Tracker's fame is spreading rapidly; and I do hope it's contagious...

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