June 14, 2004

The Right Baby Formula Dispenser

munchkin_formula_dispenser.jpgWe got this blue-lidded, 3-chamber baby formula dispenser from Munchkin . But we found it leaks so much formula, we had to store it in a Ziploc bag. And it would occasionally leak from one partition to the next, screwing up the portions. (My online shopaholic mom bought two, actually, because the shipping was more expensive than a single dispenser. If you want one, drop me a line; I'll send it for free to the first two suckers who ask. But I warn you, they leak.)

Then, we got a white-lidded Especially for Baby formula dispenser from Babies R Us. [not online, unfortunately.] It works much better; ie, the lid stays on, and it doesn't leak. Which is all I really ask of a dish for transporting powder.

Tupperware apparently makes one, too, but we're not Tupperware people, or rather, we don't know any Tupperware ladies people, so it remains a mystery to me.


Maybe I'm the dense one, and you're righting this as a joke. But the dispenser is for POWDER, not liquid.

Haha. I wish I was that funny. No, the Munchkin one leaks powder everywhere. Before we started using ziplocs, it was as gritty as a trip to the beach every time you'd open the diaper bag.

And then all the formula--or worse, just some of it--would shift from one compartment to the other, and you'd have to guess how much to mix in.

I have two of them and have never had a problem. Maybe it's user error? :)

Aw, don't be so hard on yourself. Around here, it's not "user error," it's "equipment failure."

Weird, I can't see any way that these would leak the powder between chambers unless the lid is not tight. Of course, we've only bought the ones at Babies R Us.

They do leak. The lid rotates so that the spout can be positioned over any comparment. If you don't store it with the spout exactly centered and it accidentally ends up spanning the compartments then the power can move between them. The lid has little grooves to "lock" it in the centered positions, presumably to avoid this problem. But these grooves also mean that the lid doesn't stay flush with the top of the container. The powder easily leaks through the gaps and you get it all over the place.

It's true I have one and the formula goes from one compatment to the other, it is also loose where the top falls out at times

We have the Avent Milk Powder Dispenser and we love it. It never leaks, not even when Iíve been running to catch the tram, with it in my handbag!

I'm sorry for laughing, but this conversation really made my morning. The powder liquid part really got me, although I do have one of these and see how it COULD leak if shaken really really hard - thanks everyone, have a great baby!!

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