June 11, 2004

From the TMI Department

[via the Celebrity Baby Blog] If ever there were a kid wishing he was named after George Lucas's dog, it's Indiana August Affleck, who was born May 31st in Amsterdam, where his dad Casey is filming Oceans Twelve.

Apparently, Affleck was filming a movie in Indiana last August, about nine months ago. [Suddenly makes you wonder about Indy's mom's name, Summer Phoenix, doesn't it?]

Anyway, the timing of Summer's pregnancy made life easier for a future Affleck/Phoenix child; Oceans Twelve just finished shooting in Paris.


Casey should marry Summer, already. He proposed for Christmas of 2003--three months after he got Summer pregnant--and it is "high time" he married her, already! I think this guy's got a drinking problem, too, like his brother, Ben--and neither of them are in sobriety!
Ben has broken two engagements to Jennifer Lopez, costing her a million dollars, last time, and Marc Anthony "moved in" right away. He's also broken one to Gwyneth Paltrow, due to his drinking, I believe. Casey does not seem to have fallen far from the tree, so to speak.
I learned about Casey, Summer's pregnancy, and Indiana being born, last year, when I was writing 23 volumes of poetry called, "Phoenix Rising," dedicated to her brother, River, naturally. It didn't "register," then, that she was pregnant at that moment--just at some time--and it turns out that when Indiana was being born in Amsterdam, River's spirit came to me, while I was writing all these poetry, and "bid" me to "live on" for him, as he stood under a tree on the family ranch in Micanopy, Florida, which he'd bought in the 80s. It is where his ashes are scattered. I have never been, personally, but it would be nice!
And when I agreed to "live on" for him, in spirit, that lifted the worst of my depression, and I'd been suicidal that winter, because of my being rejected from the winter retreat, mostly, and residency from Deer Park Monastery, in Escondido, California, where Thich Nhat Hanh was leading the three-month retreat, because of "difficulties," namely PTSD I've had since the 70s, when my father beat me, and when I ran away, I was molested, sexually. I'd "fallen" for a River-lookalike there, David Viaforo, who was only 23--and River had OD'ed outside The Viper Room at 23, I later learned--and that didn't seem like a coincidence to me!
I've been in sobriety since November 15, 1993, which is the day they signed his autopsy, after two weeks, and finally let his mother, Arlyn Phoenix, see the body. An article on Anthony Fox, who was Johnny Depp's partner in the club, and who'd "mysteriously disappeared," near Christmas, 2001, after suing Depp for money, "reminded" me, last spring, that River OD'ed in 1993. I needed "reminding," because of my PTSD. I have since written Depp, via the club, and he finally gave his share, 51 percent, to Anthony Fox's daughter, Amanda, who was only about 16, when he "disappeared!"
FYI, Indiana August Affleck was named for River Phoenix's character in the "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" movie, too, not George Lucas's dog, but I know that is whom Lucas named his and Steven Spielberg's character in the movies and TV versions. River was born on August 23rd, 1970, hence the baby's middle name!
If you know Casey and Summer, and I presume you do--let them know how I feel.
Vivian Taube :)

Dear Greg Allen,
Thanks for posting positive comments about my writing. I think you put, earlier, at least, something like being "blessed" with my "eloquent stylings!" That's very nice. I wanted to thank you, personally. I hardly ever hear anything that nice about my writing, which I think is good, too. Not to mention my story. :) Because you would not believe the harassment I have gotten over this story!
People have cursed and hung up on me--including River's agent, Iris Burton, whom I called long distance from Northern California, where I live, on Mother's Day, twice. She had cancer and didn't want to talk to me, despite my "good story!" I didn't want to name her, at first, since I have empathy for her condition--my own mother had breast cancer, about three years ago, and that was very traumatic to me!
I thought people would be "happy" for me about my sobriety after River's OD! Another woman, someone with dual diagnosis of alcoholism and bi-polar disorder, I belive, got as angry with me. People have cut me off, while speaking in meetings and one "kind" man accompanied me out onto the sidewalk, ironically, where we continued speaking.
I have been banned from posting at the Becky website, for writing that Johnny Depp is in the mob, which he is, I believe. I'd written for hours there about all this. Keanu had "left" the band, after my revelations at the site, and a "warning" not to play at The Viper Room, which the band did, until I wrote it there! A jugde had been trying to shut it down, as had Arlyn Phoenix, undoubtedly! Then, all "record" of the band ever having played there was "purged," too! Keanu recorded new tracks with Becky, recently, and while I thought he'd quit drinking, due to a "soul retrieval" I had done, about two weeks ago, he didn't! He just bought very expensive bottles of wine to impress a girlfriend, apparently, out at a restaurant somewhere near filming his latest movie.
I'd written him, via the Warner Brothers website, last year, all about my sobriety date being so "auspicious," and the latest release, about another demonslayer, "Constantine," contains a character I think was "based" on me, played by Rachel Weizs. In the movie, she is "saved" by the Virgin Mary, in one scene, and her twin sister, played by her, as well, dies by committing suicide off the top of a tall building. My breakdown in the 80s was "triggered" by the suicide of Joseph Duell, a dancer in the New York City Ballet, who killed himself that way in Manhattan. I was put on medication, lithium eskalith, in the Psychiatric Institute of Montgomery County, where I committed myself for 28 days, in early 1987, and I OD'ed twice on it, in 1993, thus leading, also to my sobriety, as of the day they signed River's autopsy, November 15th that year! Catholicism is also part of the "Constantine" story, and it is of mine, as well, as November 15th was also the Name Day of my Catholic grandmother, Leopoldina Janacek Taube, who was indirectly named for Saint Leopold--who had a vision of the Virgin Mary and built a monastery to Her, outside Vienna, Austria, near where I started drinking, on my last visit there with my parents in 1973. It's the Founder's Day of the monastery, as it's the day Leopold, who was a "mere" Margrav then, died on November 15, in 1136! I wrote some of this, already, but it bears repeating, it seems to me! I didn't get paid--or consulted--for anything "stolen" from my personal story by "Constantine," and so far, it has grossed about a quarter of a billion dollars, worldwide, not counting home viewing release and the video game! Plus, they have Keanu smoking in this, throughout, and his blood sister Kim has battled leukemia for years--last I heard it was back and bad, so that's not OK!
It is well documented, by the way, that Depp favors the mob highly, since he said nothing but kind things about the mob men he met during the filming of "Donnie Brasco," which was, "ironically," about Joe Pistone, an undercover agent, who "turned in" hundreds of mob men in the 70s!
My theory has been that because Depp is in the mob and needs to leave (he also needs to be in sobriety--he isn't, amazingly--and to marry Vanessa Paradis, who has borne him two children out of wedlock, so far), that is why people have not been able to hear this story from me, repeatedly. I never knew River, personally. I never met any of these people. I also, amazingly, have seemed to be the only one in sobriety due to River's OD--until recently. Joaquin Phoenix entered rehab about a month ago, probably partly due to my intervention. I am very proud of him and Rain, for finally speaking on the Criterion Collection DVD release of "Idaho," last year, about River, for the first time since his OD, although she did not mention the drugs cast and crew did to do the sex scenes, thus, leading indirectly to River's OD. This too is well-documented, according to biographies, including by A&E called, "Eclipsed by Death: The Life of River Phoenix," out about 3 years ago, hosted by Corey Feldman.

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