May 31, 2004

Birch-ply Utility Cart/Changing Cart

Utility Cart from Kinderlife, image: kinderlife.comInstead of a traditional changing table, we got a heavy-duty enameled tool cart from an industrial supply dealer. We love it, but admittedly, not everyone has the power to persuade their Pregnant Person to trick out the nursery like an auto body shop.

Now I found this heavy-grade birch ply utility/library cart at Kinderlife, an educational furniture supplier. It has rounded edges, protective side rails, and supports up to 300lbs per shelf. (If that's not strong enough for your new kid, you need to cut back on the formula, pal.) An overall height of 35.5" probably translates to a 33" working height (subtract the handles, add a foam changing pad), which is OK.

The cart ships assembled and weighs 50lbs. The cart's available for $487 (plus est. $1 million shipping) at Kinderlife. [note: that's ten times what we paid for our steel cart, which drop shipped for $5. Consider the gauntlet thrown, Herr Kinderlife.]


It's a beautiful piece of work. But...dude...I paid $500 for our outdoor playset.

Your tax dollars at work; it's priced for schools.

Still, if I can just convince Matt LeBlanc to buy one, it'd be so worth it...

We were lucky enough to get a supposedly-$1200 changing table given to us. The funny thing is that we've never used it. Okay, we did once but that was just because we were joking that we never used it.

So where do we change diapers? Beds, floors, couches, anywhere that's flat and comfortable.

The changing table is currently holding some laundry that hasn't made it to the closet or is too small for The Girls.

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