May 29, 2004

To sleep through the night, think through the temperature

Take a baby's higher sensitivity to nighttime temperature changes into account.

Twice now, our inadvertent temperature-related actions upset the kid enough to wake her up much earlier than normal. Once, we turned the A/C down before bed, as we always did. But it turned out to get too stuffy for a 2-month old who couldn't throw off her snugly swaddled blanket.

Then this morning, the unseasonal coolness that had us pulling the blanket around us woke up the kid who's mastered kicking off her blanket--but not pulling it back on.


All I know is don't get to used to anything...

When our daughter was very young (as if 6 months is old) she slept for really extended stretches. Now though, we find she wakes up quite a few times a night - mainly to nurse - though the past week has had a few interesting twists.

We've found her ready to go at 3:30am! It took about 90 minutes and quite a bit of rocking to get her back down...

Another night - I honestly can't recall if it was the next night or the night after that, same deal for an hour.

Who knows what's's a killer though. Looking forward to self-soothing kicking in and having her actually go for like 6 or 7 hours. Not as much as her mother though I am sure!

Yeah, I might as well delete this know-it-all entry now. The kid's been uncharacteristically fussy the last couple of nights, screaming inconsolably for a good 30 min. before dropping off to sleep.

And this, while we think we're not keeping her up too late or overstimulating or anything.

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