May 27, 2004

Where all the decent cupholders at?

It's not asking too much, is it?

babu-cupholder.jpgIt's not that you should categorically NOT buy a Bugaboo because it doesn't come with a cupholder, any more than you SHOULD buy a Jeep stroller because it has four.

It's just that the Euros need to know that a man needs his drink, and he doesn't need it in a cafe; he needs it on his kid's stroller. But in such a way that's not equivalent to a bumper held in place by increasingly ratty baling twine. See what I mean:

The Babu Go Anywhere Tray and Cupholder says it's for strollers, cars, walkers, "sports chairs," Anywhere! Anywhere but on my Bugaboo, pal. I didn't shell out all this money for a goodlooking stroller only to clamp your shop class project onto it.

The Prince Lionheart Stroller Cup Holder is less offensive, and works better, even if it's still ugly. We got one for free with our Bugaboo, a gesture from the Luxury Living Channel (competitive pricing, friendly, with an unfortunate dotcom bubble-era name). Too bad the clamp doesn't actually fit the Bugaboo's thicker handlebars.

The B.O.B Cupholder Consoles are better, less ridiculous-looking, but they're to fit only one brand.

Now, I wanted to end on a positive note by showing the rare mesh bottle holder I've seen dangling from stroller handles and backpackes, but I can't find it. It obviously won't work for a cup (unless you drink out of a sippy cup, too), but it'll hold a bottle just fine. Which is all I need--until the Dutch Diet Coke drinkers get their acts together.


Here is the ultimate drink holder for your stroller/pram. Check out It carries most cups, cans and bottles and self levels so you wont spill your drink. It also looks good, is VERY easy to install and the best part is it's adaptable- can be used on your golf trundler, wheelchair, boat, bike, walker, you name it. It can be attached directly onto a Bugaboo frame but does mean putting 2 small screws into the frame - but then who would want to remove it anyway- it's so handy!!

My 5 1/2 month pregnagnt wife and I went to check out the new Bugaboos today. We we wondering if anyone could tell us about the lack of a snack tray for when the little one gets older. I know we're total geeks, but can anyone tell me if we need this? Is there an "aftermarket" part for this?

Knowing as little as we do, it seems like it would be quite valuable and could make or break our decision to go with the Bugaboo.



If anyone knows of a snack tray or a way to rig one up, or someone who would make one, for the bugaboo, I am sure they would get a TON of orders. The bugaboo seems to be almost perfect... almost!


Hi, just wanted to say that I just bought a LIQUID HOLSTER for our bugaboo and we didnt need to screw it to the frame at all! They have a new one out just for Bugaboo. Looks fantastic, not to mention handy for take out coffee etc.... (brought it through their web site)

We have an I'Coo, Bugaboo and PegPerego and use a cup holder accessory called a Milan. You can get it on line. Really nicely made and has storage.


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