May 27, 2004

Baby Naming Madness


...How about Lou? When I was in England, I heard that name and it seemed to have a little tinkle to it. Randy is good too.

You weren't listening QUITE hard enough in England, were you?

And then the Indians attack the fort:

DAKOTA, LAKOTA, etc. I am an actual Indian, Oglala Lakota. I live in North Dakota. Stop with the so called "american indian" names, will ya? Dakota does not mean "friend", that's just what white folks think.
I saw someone here post something to the effect of "my wife is one-eighth Sioux, so we named our son 'Lakota', which means 'good earth' in American Indian. Spot all the errors in that sentence.
*If* someone is actually Siouan, they would identify themselves as Oglala, Hunkpapa, Sicangu, Nakota, Dakota, Lakota, etc., not "sioux". If the name is a word from the Lakota language, it is not "american indian". There is NO "american indian" language.
How many of you would think 'Pahli', 'Sicamna', or 'Sica' were pretty and unusual "american indian" names? Know what they mean? Mucous, Stink, and Ugly.
Do what you must, but leave the Dakota and Lakota Nations out of it, along with all other American Indian Nations. Find some other culture to co-opt.

-from Baby Named a Bad, Bad Thing, annotated excerpts from babynaming message boards. [via Bill Brown's Baby Blog]


THANK YOU TO THE MAN WHO WROTE ABOUT SOME OF THESE FOOLISH WHITE PEOPLE THINKING THEY'RE DOING THEIR KID A FAVOR BY GIVING THEM AN "ETHNIC" NAME, LIKE DAKOTA.START NAMING YOUR KIDS 'pale skin'or wasica. it just makes more sense. You are WHITE, just deal with it, you will never be indian by naming your kid Cheyenne and hanging a dream catcher in your rearview mirror.

Yours truly,
Nicole (sicangu)

I think its really a matter of opinion. There are plenty of people in America with Native blood such as myself. If someone feels they want to name their kid a spacific name than its really up to them. There are bad examples of naming children after native names but if they are confident in their research or knowledge I think they should go for it. I actually first went over this with my friends father who is Tulalip Indian, he thinks anyone can name their children as they please, though naming your children after a cultural bloodline is far more understandable and acceptable.

Origin of Name It's from the Sioux Indian word Dakota, meaning Allies or Friends (that came from a webpage)

Actually the the first post. obvioulsy you dont know what you talking about. You should look stuff up if you think you know what your talking about, but really dont

For those of you trying to prove that "sioux" is a 'friendly' term, perhaps you should do YOUR research. For those of us with true blood, we KNOW that when the early settlers were trying to "take" (sorrow, I meant share ) the land that did not belong to them, they used some natives to help them scout the land. Those scouts tried to tell them who some of the tribes were in the areas they went, but because of language barriers, they were not able to properly identify the names to the white folks. When it came to the tribes within the "sioux" nation they identified them as they were known to those specific scouts. Being as they were from another nation they called lakota, dakota, oglala, blackfoot, etc. by the name they knew them as which was "sioux" AKA "enemy" and that is why we do not call ourselves that degrading name but rather identify ourselves as the tribe within that nation.

Perhaps if white people weren't so busy trying to control everyone's way of living and pushing their "sophisticated" ways upon the world, they would be more at peace learning that we are not enemies, but rather a peaceful people who truly appreciate the earth and the people therein. We are not the "enemy" - we do not take what does not belong to us and we do not force our ways upon anyone (including other nations). That is why we could never be totally demolished and the drumbeat of our ancestors will last for all of eternity - because the Great Spirit knows that our hearts were pure and never intended for america to be founded on such bloodshed. Ponder that the next time you want to judge the american indians and what you think you know about our ways and words...

My mother named me Tashina from the movie Windwalker. Does anyone know the meaning/orgin etc? Thanks Tashina

To the girl wanting to know what her name Tashina means?
It is a Lakota Indian name and it means " Her Shawl"
Shina in Lakota would be a name for a boy meaning " His Robe"
My daughter is half American Indian and we also named her Tashina.
But it has a different meaning also to some other tribes.

I also named my daughter Tashina. I always loved the name after seeing the movie as a junior in high school. She too has always wondered what it meant. Thanks so much for posting this.

My daughter is named Tashina. She goes to college in Durango, CO. One of her good friends is named Teshina, a different spelling I guess. Yes we are "Native American". I am part Arapaho and Navajo, and my late husband was Navajo. You hear this name quite often in the SW part of the US.

what is the meaning of my name?

They are names! If someone likes a certain name who cares if the person getting named it is white/native american/black etc...Just because you like a name or the meaning of the name doesn't mean you are trying to be like it. Get over yourself!!! Not everything has to do with race or cultures!

My name is TaShina and it means "she who smiles"

My name is also Tashina. I know that in Mi'kMaq, it means "Princess".

I've heard that it means "White" in Japenese, but I'm not entirely sure.

My mom also named me Tashina after that movie. Ironically, I used to live by Blaine Yorgason (the man who wrote "Windwalker"), and so I asked him about the name once. He told me that it meant "beautiful spot on the high mountain", but I don't remember which tribe he told me it was from.

I would love to be given a native american name but seems I have not yet earned it yet! so I settle for Michael Aho!

mitakuye oyasin!


In what tribe/language does it mean "she who smiles"?? I only know the Cheyenne meaning but would love to know in what tribe it means "she who smiles" since I'm a Tashina too :)

i am a 56 year o;d white woman who has been called hiawatha all her life and i am very proud of my name so oroud infact that latley i have been looking for a ceremonial gown to be buried in ie by cremation so please dont tell me to get over it because im not indian,since i was 4 years old i have been fighting the war against suppression against the indians one way or another and still its there in my heart one day before i die i will visit the states or canada

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