May 26, 2004

Thanks, TMN

ATL - TERMINAL A, CROWN ROOM -- Wouldn't you know it, The Morning News, aka The American Academy of Lit Hip Dads and Dads-to-be, gives Daddy Types a plug...on the same day I abandon my 3-month old daughter for a friend's art opening in Houston.

And to think, if it hadn't been for Grandma, I'd have been posting instant expert advice about how to fly on your own with a 3-month old...


It is easy to fly with a 3 mo old, in fact it is great fun. 99% of the time when I flew with my son the stewerdess would find the cutes single girl on the plane to come and sit with me.
You just have to resist the urge to kill stupid people who are sure that since you are a man you can not feed/burp/change a baby.
My sone was on and off an airplane 12 times by 1 year, and he loved every flight except for one and then he screamed for 2 hours... Rest of em where great though, and you can get on first if you ask.

I was actually looking forward to it. I wasn't worried at all about the flight; it was the logistics of taking her straight to a socialite-filled art opening and dinner at someone's crowded house.

That said, even though I'm now the dad who can (mostly) keep his cool when his kid is screaming inconsolably, part of me is still the jerk two rows back who wonders aloud why they don't shut that kid up.

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