May 23, 2004

Tree Huggies

There's a heated environmental debate brewing at the store, and it's worse than paper vs. plastic. It's over the environmental impact of various kinds of diapers: traditional disposables, eco-friendly disposables, and cloth.

If your kid is so worry-free that you can devote time to study the minute and inconclusive tradeoffs between disposables (landfill overload) and cloth (wasted water), hey, by all means, save a tree for us, pal.

The disposables giants like Procter & Gamble lobbied hard to kill a diaper tax, while the cloth folks released a study that really hit below the belt, claiming disposable diapers increase scrotal temperature in baby boys (and, possibly, lowered sperm counts later in life).

Or you could take a lesson from the Chinese, whose own landfills seem fine, thank you; they hardly ever use diapers. Instead, kids wear, basically, crotchless pants, and parents just have to be quick with always pointing the kid's business end away from them. You'd probably have an easier time composting a plastic diaper.

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