May 19, 2004

Roger Clemens dads it up

An interesting profile in USA Today of pitcher/dad Roger Clemens, who came out of "I want to spend time with my family" retirement for a year to play for the Houston Astros--and who included "I want to spend time with my family" clauses in his contract. Clemens goes very heavy on the dad thing, attending all his sons' baseball games--surveils may be more accurate, since he hides in the outfield with an escape-SUV at the ready, in case his presence is picked up by fans or media. But he's there making sandwiches and rousing the kids up, too. Nice stuff.

So when you're negotiating your no-business-travel clause with your job, just slap a printout of the article on the table, sit back, and let the concessions come pouring in. [via at-home dad]

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