May 14, 2004

Subways and Strollers Don't Always Mix

Plan ahead or plan to be creative if you're taking a stroller on the NYC subway.

We had the Bugaboo out, which I carried up and down stairs. That's the easy part.

Tonight, we got off at a station that turned out to have no exits except the narrow turnstile shown here. What we had to do:
1. one person goes through with diaper bag.
2. detach base/frame, fold it flat, and feed it through the turnstile.
3. pass the bassinet--which just barely fit--through, with the kid in it.
4. reassemble
5. haul up stairs
6. curse the Transit Authority under my breath.


We are living in very similar worlds... The Bugaboo is great to walk with -- if that is all you plan or hope to do. Stairs can be tricky with kid inside as the combined weight and distance to travel can be brutal on Dads...

We had a close call with the turnstile this week but were fortunate to find another exit though a block up. I guess that beats having to do the disassembly deal like you went through.

Been there... thankfully, with a folding stroller, which made it slighlty easier.

It would be a good idea to make a list of which stations have only turnstiles, and at which times.

The MTA does keep a list of wheelchair accessible stations. Of course, that's a subset of stroller-accessible stations, or "stroller-accessible if you want to heft that thing up and down several flights of stairs" stations.

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