May 11, 2004

Japanese Low Chairs

Toys R Us Jp low chairMany Japanese families sit on the floor and eat at coffee table-height tables. [They have little heaters underneath, and in the winter, they break out thick blankets, which you huddle under as you eat and work. Off topic.] Anyway, think about it. High chair = bad idea. Low chair = good idea.

If you've got the setup, then, or if you want to feed your kid from down on the floor, or if you just think they're kind of nice-looking, check out this oiled eco-friendly rubberwood low chair at Toys R Us Japan. It's for kids 7mos+up, folds flat, and stands 45cm tall (seat height's 21.5cm). It's Y7,000, and I have no idea if they'll ship it to the US.

Toys R Us Jp low chairAnother improbable option, then, is the Doraemon low chair, featuring the "popular" cartoon character. Popular as in Beetle Bailey popular; how about something from the last decade, at least?

1 Comment

I know - a Totoro low chair!

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