May 7, 2004

Car-based Parenting

It was a traumatic moment for this new dad New Yorker. Driving around DC yesterday, I decided--for the first time ever--where to eat based on whether or not I'd have to get the kid out of the carseat.

Obviously, I chose convenience: leave the kid in. What happened next would surprise no one who lives in a car-based world: I went to the one restaurant I saw with a drive-thru. So long, Whole Foods salad bar and Jamba Juice, hello Whopper combo, cheese no onion.

I suddenly realized (New Yorkers can be so clueless sometimes.) why everything--Doritos, chocolate, tissues--is coming in cup-shaped containers now; it's the cup-holders, stupid.

I'm going to start poking around, but are there all kinds of things out there designed, not for the road warrior, but for the parenting road warrior? Do baby wipes come in a cupholder-sized container?

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I'm not a Dad, not planning on being one either. Stumbled across here via Cool Hunting.

Anyways, baby-wipes that fit in a cup holder? That's probably going to be your million dollar idea. Take it and run with it, I'm sure you could market that one.

Could pay for your kid's college education... hell, pay for mine.

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