April 29, 2004

Nest: A High Chair for a Shagpad

Nest high chair, by bug design, image: mozzee.co.ukI saw this in Dwell Magazine a while back, but resisted posting it, partly because I couldn't find it for sale anywhere. Then I saw it at Cool Hunting, a site by Josh Rubin, who puts the cool in colleague [we used to work together], complete with updates and retail info.

So now, if you've been agonzing over where to put a baby in your shagadelic loft with the poured resin floor, relief is at hand.

Josh reports that a more adaptable Nest--with a removable tray for sitting at the table, and a removable base, for kiddie lounging on the floor--is coming in June. And it'll be for sale at Mozzee's site: 299 plus shipping.

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