April 27, 2004

'Huge Stroller' Rant

Monster Stroller illustration by Derek Evernden for Flak Magazine, image:flakmag.com
Go figure. Not only are some people not thrilled for you and your new baby, they're downright pissed. At you. You, and the SUV-like stroller you just drove over their foot:
Their parent-drivers plow through crowds and mow down unfortunate bystanders with the zeal of Lizzie Grubman. They bust through doorways crying, "EXCUSE ME! EXCUSE ME!" in tones both bloodthirsty and desperate.

These cries the words deceptively polite are a signal to duck and cover or just run like hell. As in a head-on collision between a scooter and a Mack truck, there will be a winner and a loser. It's clear in the stroller-pedestrian wars just which is which.

- Liz Khalil on Flak Magazine, illustration by Derek Evernden on Flak [via Scrubbles]

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