April 26, 2004

Baby-friendly Movie Theaters

Loews Reel Moms image: enjoytheshow.comThe NY Times reports that mid-day movies where parents can bring their babies are a hit. Almost no matter what the movie is.

Pluses: lowered volume, slightly raised lights, changing tables with wipes provided, matinee prices, actually seeing a movie in a theater again.
Minuses: sitting on the theater floor with your kid (?!?!); being desperate enough to see any darn movie they throw at you, even Jersey Girl; theater calling the program Reel Moms (unless getting Rebel Dad reel mad is part of the strategy.)

Actually, Reel Moms was started by urbanbaby.com: go for the movie, stay for the class-obsessed catfight that breaks out in the theater.

From the article, it sounds like men just don't go to movies in the daytime. But I remember skipping class early one afternoon and heading up to Salt Lake to see a movie at the mall and that theater was full of men. Men who bolted for the exit as soon as the credits started. The movie? Blue Velvet. Oddly, none of them brought kids.

Links: Reel Moms (Loew's), Baby Pictures (Showcase/National Amusements), BYOBaby (Madstone Theaters, varies by city)

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My husband and kids are new in the Milwaukee/Chicago area. We've heard of a family/baby friendly theater to take the kids, but have no luck. Can someone please help us. It would help us lots. Thanks...


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