April 12, 2004

Techno Difficulties

According to the NY Post, Maclaren Techno XT strollers have a problem: the wheels fall off, and it pitches your kid into the street. [Q: Does this mean the brake failure of the 2002 model's finally solved?]

"We're victims of Maclaren's cost-benefit analysis, balancing human lives and limbs against corporate profits," complained new father/Techno survivor Ted Flagg, according to the tabloid. Or maybe it's just an infant-sized version of the abuse Brits call "character-building," like cold showers at boarding school and no braces...

Did I mention that Sarah Jessica Parker has one? Buy the Techno XT at Babies R Us, $289.99 +shipping before they're all recalled gone.

[via the ever-baby-friendly Gothamist]

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Aw, thanks for calling us baby-friendly. We have a lot more in common with babies than we do with many adults (not much patience, love to nap). And thanks for the tip on Modernseed - I got my friend's 2 year-old son the Karim Rashid Kapsule chair; he will let his older sister store her Barbies in it, but only if they are naked.

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