April 12, 2004

BMW X3: a (non-)SUV for Soccer Dads

BMW X3, image:bmwcca.orgAre all auto critics stay-at-home dads? Or as Dan Erwin puts it in the BMW Car Club magazine, not only "stay-at-home soccer dads," but "househusbands"? Eh.

Although his giddy-in-my-head writing style makes me think he may not actually interact with too many adults during the day, his review of the 2004 BMW X3 shows the car to be a...soccer dad's dream machine.

I've gotten a couple of sheepish emails (and a couple of pissed off ones) saying I show an anti-SUV bias. I thought digging up some dad-friendly/dad-favorite cars and SUVs'd help make up for it. But it turns out BMW is marketing the X3 as an SAV.

A is for Activity. I didn't know what the hell it was, either. It's not for Abundant Storage, though. Oh well. I tried. Go get a station wagon.

Official X3 Site [Warning, sudden music may startle sleeping kid]

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