April 11, 2004

I'COO Pico 4 Stroller

icoo_pico4.jpgWell, if you were unsure about I'COO's alternative positioning before seeing the Pico, maybe this product description will help clear things up:

Its provocative looks and thought-through design make Pico ideal for unusual people in unusual situations. But its compactness, plus the astonished glances from other parents, makes even an entirely everyday shopping trip a pleasure, time after time.
It comes in this "Stroll, Lola, Stroll" pink, but for the purposes of this website, I would recommend any other color, even the Crayola blue/green.

The massively wide wheels with their chromed guards; the high-design, removable fabric on a superlight aluminum frame; telescoping handles; and the huge storage bags behind and under the seat lend some substance to the astonishing style.

You can buy the Pico stroller alone for 270.00, or with the Lifesaver carseat for 354.79 at Baby Republic. [11/05 update: not anymore, it's not. babyrepublic went out of business last year.]

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