April 11, 2004

Exotic Euro Strollers

So while I'm rummaging around online for tall-guy strollers, I found the Mini-Star line of 3-wheel/jogger strollers, manufactured by a German company called Hauck. Turns out Hauck, in addition to making run-of-the-mill baby gear and furniture and Disney/Pooh-licensed stuff, also...
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The Nursing Father

According to Unhindered Living, a Christian hippy lifestyle site, men are able to produce milk and breastfeed their children. How do we know this? The Bible tells us so--The Bible and Ananova. Whatever the truth, I'm sure there are...
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I'COO Pico 4 Stroller

Well, if you were unsure about I'COO's alternative positioning before seeing the Pico, maybe this product description will help clear things up:Its provocative looks and thought-through design make Pico ideal for unusual people in unusual situations. But its compactness, plus...
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I'COO Photon ACW Stroller

The Photon Stroller is from Hauck's I'COO line, which seems to be the company's slightly more urban design-y, less gearheaded brand. It has a large shopping bag under the handles, which extend to a range of heights, and another large...
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Asahi Scirocco 4 Stroller

The German-made Asahi Scirocco 4 is the line's second tier stroller, the 5-series to the Typhoon's 7-series, the M-class to the Typhoon's G-class, the 6-piece McNugget to the Typhoon's 20-piece--whatever, you get the picture. It comes with adjustable handle heights,...
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Asahi Typhoon 4 Stroller

Asahi Typhoon 4, aka "THE DADDY OF ALL PUSHCHAIRS," aka the German Bugaboo-killer. Asahi is the performance line of strollers from Germany's mega-baby-corp, Hauck....
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Strollers for Tall Guys

One of the best pieces of advice I got for buying a stroller was to make sure it fit me. Most strollers, it seems, are designed with a mom as the primary user. If you're taller than the average woman's...
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