April 8, 2004

Other Dad Blogs: Trixie Telemetry

I've been surfing for dad weblogs lately. Before I could post a one, I got a heads up on the single most mindboggling baby blog by any parent, The Trixie Update.

Programmer/new dad Ben MacNeil created the site in part to keep friends and family up-to-date on Trixie's activities and progress. But within a couple of weeks, they began using TTU to document and chart the kid's vitals: feedings, sleeping times, diaper changes.

Now, there's Trixie Telemetry, a set of code for automatically tracking and crunching some of the only data an infant can provide. What good is the Trixie Sleep Probabilty Spectrum, for example? Hey, if it gets you 30 more minutes of sleep, it's worth any price.


we did similar stuff in excel, but nowhere as sophisticated:
the charts for sleep aren't displayed...

4/11 Update: if you're not satisfied merely with the Trixie Telemetry software, the kid herself is now for sale.

Caveat emptor, she doesn't sleep at night anymore.

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