April 2, 2004

UBWatch: Sex

Advice on sex, from the message boards of UrbanBabyWatch:

-- About 6-8 weeks after the kid is born, a market can develop, wherein you trade nighttime feedings and help around the house for sex. But don't get confused; it is you who has to do the housework and nighttime feeding. UB: "Honestly, it makes my life easier. He's a great guy (does all the night feedings so I can sleep) and I feel it's a fair trade."

-- Several posters hadn't had sex for 6-8 months after having a kid.

-- Whatever the kickoff dates, this sex will be happen on Saturday morning. Nothing happens at night.
"UB1: Anyone else not want to be touched at the end of the day?
UB2: TOTALLY. I just want to be left alone.
UB3: Prefer UB at the end of the day... "

-- Ratio of "zero sex drive" to "horny" among UB posters: 3:1

-- If you're thinking of stepping out on your "zero sex drive" partner, watch out. According to the NY Times, UB posters tracked down one wayward husband's visits to a Wall St. area brothel.

-- If you actually do have sex, wear a condom, unless you want another kid nine months from now. Apparently, it's a weird time, hormone-wise.

-- Once you start discussing the content of diapers in detail, you apparently have no problem discussing the minutiae of your (non-)sexlife on the internet.

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