March 29, 2004

From the Bone-Chilling "Celebrity Baby Blog"

Gawker dug up the Celebrity Baby Blog this morning, which, even though it has a couple of dad-related things, is more like the Celebrity Pregnancy Blog. Or the "I read People and Us so you don't have to" Blog.

Anyway, it's so bad, in one visit, I only found three things to point out:
- Dan Cortese (Yeah, yeah, MTV Sports, but what has he done lately?) and his wife just named their baby girl India. That was on our shortlist. (Which is worse: knowingly giving your kid the same name as a Playboy Playmate, or the same name as Dan Cortese?)

- The authors of a new book called The Mommy Myth get all girlfriend-uppity about celebrity mom profiles. As one reviewer put it, they are "Like a baseball bat to the knees" of "real" mothers. Or at least the mothers who pattern their own lives after celebrity magazine profiles. Even though dads get no mention, anything that helps cut down on coverage of Kate Hudson is fine with me.


What's the third thing you were going to point out? What's bone-chilling about it?

Yeah, the third thing was going to be the picture of Matt LeBlanc carrying his kid, but then I didn't want to copy it.

And why bone-chilling? Dude, it's like a baseball bat to the knees. It's like picking out only the marshmallows from the Lucky Charms. I fear that concentrating so much C-U-T-E celebrity news in one place may ultimately bring on the apocalypse.

Basically, it scares me --a new dad--like a $200,000 birthday party for a 1-year old never could.

You're right, it is NOT a daddy friendly site. I think it's pretty much a blog created by a lonely housefrau who hopes that one day a celeb will read her site and talk to her. Most of the women there are self proclaimed geniuses when it comes to babies and everyone else is an idiot. I've never seen so many super moms at one time. ;)

I'm not really a daddy-type (seeing as I'm a woman) but I do agree with you on Celebrity Baby Blog. CBB is like a cliquey baby shower for catty women and their even cattier friends. Most of their info is only a rumor (usually from unreliable gossip rags, People mag or from fellow readers) and they still post it and they will continue to update the false rumor until it is something halfway believeable.

The staff have snide attitudes, not to mention the baited forums where they pick and choose what will start a fight.

I used to read the articles there but it's almost stalker-like the way they update the tiniest details of a celeb's new baby every few hours. Do these women have no lives? There is more to parenting than basing your skills on what is on CBB.

There are links to various baby items, but most of them are overly priced crap only celebs will buy as trends, it's vertainly not a new mom and/or dad friendly site.

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