March 19, 2004

Diaper Dude, aka Another Camo Diaper Bag

Usually when you buy a diaper bag, you have to choose between cool, hip, and funky; you could never get all three. Until now. At Brooklyn's Urban Monster, you can get the Diaper Dude, "A cool hip funky diaper bag...
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Posted by greg at 10:35 PM

Hand Knit Bottle Cozies? Umm, What do YOU think?

[via Gawker] Seeing these hand knit beer cozies for hipsters made me ask myself, "are there any hip hand knit baby bottle cozies out there?" The answer? Not from where I'm sitting......
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Posted by greg at 4:18 PM

Podee Hands-free Feeding System, aka The Milk Bong

It's the baby bottle equivalent of a retractable cell phone charger cable: a slightly more convenient, significantly gadget-nerdier replacement for standard equipment. And it looks suspiciously like hardware for the beer bong you're gonna bust the kid for 16 years...
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Reebok Deluxe Jogging Stroller, an Extreme Example of Niche Dad Marketing

Yet another non-baby brand that licenses its name to a line of strollers. This time, they're jogging strollers, manufactured by Baby Trend under the Reebook label. They feature big, inflatable multi-terrain tires, a wide rear wheelbase that stays well...
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