March 16, 2004

Um, Gay Manhattan Dad wants a La-Z-Boy?

Ignore for a moment that PlanetOut's Jeff Bennett calls his husband "Hubby," or that he coos over the weekly, treacly emails written in the voice of his surrogate fetus(es). His "Who's your daddy?" column archive gives a real-time report from their quest to become fathers, or, as Bennett says ironically, "breeders."

What's got me all confused is his confession that the first thing they're buying is a La-Z-Boy recliner, just like his dad's: "My dad's recliner seemed to ease his youthful rage. He took refuge in it while hiding behind the newspaper; he ate dinner in it; he slept in its reclining position."

Here's a Straight Plan for the Gay Man tip, Jeff: why not go for the Eames Rocker/therapist's couch combo instead?

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