March 9, 2004

Eddie Bauer Travel System

A quick trip to Babies R Us the other night turned into a licensed brand gearfest One of the most prominent non-baby brands in the business is Eddie Bauer, which has licensed baby mega-conglomerate Cosco to produce strollers, car seats, and portable playards. [I don't like the look of that word; didn't they used to be called playpens?]

Eddie Bauer aluminum stroller car seat system, from Babies R Us
This mostly gray (aka Glacier Print) aluminum stroller/carseat system stood out from the competition, and not just because it has three cupholders--two for the pushing parent and one for the kid. And it folds up small enough to fit in the back of your Eddie Bauer Edition Ford Explorer. In other words, it doesn't look that small.

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