March 3, 2004

Week 1: So now he's an expert

Never mind trying to explain how I have the capacity to post anything during the first week of my daughter's life. Here are a few things that are working and some things I wish we'd done differently in advance of bringing the kid home.

What's working:

  • bassinet on wheels. Our stroller (a Bugaboo, more on that later; it was while assembling the dad-friendly Bugaboo that I had the epiphany to start a dad-friendly weblog.) has a bassinet mode, which we use all the time for the kid. It's been extremely handy to roll the kid and/or her bed around the house. It makes going about other tasks--and letting a partner sleep in peace for that hour or two--much easier.
  • mobile changing table-as-bathing-table. Rolling the changing table into the bathroom to wash the kid down is easier and more comfortable than setting up some whole bathing station near the sink.
  • nail file. It's too nervewracking to take clippers--even baby ones--to those little fingers. Use the tiny emery board instead.
  • get out. Even if it's just for a few minutes a day, get the little family out of the house. Fresh air, other people, ambient street noise, it's all good.
  • rocking chair. Such a cliche, we were skeptical at such an old-fashioned technology, but it really works, both to feed and to calm the kid down. And we got a beautiful Eames RAR rocking chair, which is a nice, comfortable piece of modern design. Win win.

    Meanwhile, I wish I'd:

  • gotten more nightlights. I had to go out and get some, to nightlight up every possible destination in the house.
  • refreshed my knowledge of song lyrics from South Park: The Movie. I find myself called upon to sing on a moment's notice, and for my own sanity, I'd like to have more than "eentsy weentsy spider" and "hush little baby, don't you cry/ Daddy's gonna buy you a ____" in my head.
  • gotten some other lullaby music. Although we streamed SomaFM's DroneZone, which is moderately effective.

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