August 6, 1851

Julian was remarkably uneasy

...Julian was remarkably uneasy in the village; insomuch that i came away without purchasing some loaf-sugar, which we have wanted ever so long. He was so restless in his movements that I suspected him to be, in his technical phrase, "uncomfortable"; be he positively denied it. We stopt at Love-Grove; and tehre again I made inquisition as to this point; but he still said no. He was so restless, however, that I advised him to go home before me, and he accordingly started at a great pace. I came up with him, on the ascent of the hill, on this side of Mr. Butler's. I heard him squealing, while I was some distance behind; and approaching nearer, I saw that he walked wide between the legs. Poor little man! His drawers were all a-sop. It is positive cruelty to the child not to put him into such a dress that he may have nature's freedom, at any moment. Boys do not like to tell their necessities, especially when they are abnormally frequent as his appear to be to-day...

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