November 1, 2010

Just In Time For Anti-Christmas, The Omen Trike Can Now Be Yours


Sorry, kid in The Shining, but this is probably the freak-outiest tricycle in cinema history.

Though the price estimate for this auction is nowhere near as scary as the 2008 original. And if it doesn't sell, brace yourself for a string of increasingly implausible sequels.

Ultimate Halloween Horror Gift: Damien's Blood-Red Tricycle from The Omen for Sale at Bonhams, Dec. 15, 2010, est. £12-18,000 pounds [ via dt reader dt]
Dec. 11, 2008 - Lot 316: Harvey Stephens Damien tricycle from The Omen, est $30-50,000 []


But what is it? Did they build it for the movie? Off the shelf? It's a great looking trike.

I gave up and put the question to some tricycle experts. I hope to have the answer soon, to provide any interested parties with a 11,950 pound discount.

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