November 16, 2009

Announcing The Daddy Types Footmuff & Fleece Emporium

The nights are getting colder, K2 is getting bigger, and we're getting leaner, at least gear-wise. I put a few choice, fluffy pieces of gear on eBay last night. Here they are in order of brand-spanking newness:


Here's a set of tailored fabric for the Bugaboo Cameleon in black fleece; turns out we've never changed the canopy or seat cover to match our outfits, so it's never been out of the box. [ends Nov. 21, currently practically free]


This Maxi-Cosi footmuff in Black Reflection fabric is just as new and just as unused, but there's no box. Basically, by the time we took K2 out in the Cabrio-on-Bugaboo, it was so warm, we never needed it. A fantastic footmuff for any infant carrier, but optimized for Maxi-Cosi. Originally 70 euros [$US130,000] plus shipping, so far all the interest has been from Europe. [ends Nov. 21]


Babystyle, oh babystyle. Wherefore art thou, babystyle? We only used this fleece & cotton jersey footmuff/bassinet sleeping bag deal as a mattress. We wrapped it in a receiving blanket and laid it down as the mattress in the Bugaboo. So it's been washed, but it's pretty close to new. Anyway, it may be more valuable as a snuggly memento of one of the greatest VC moneypits in baby industry history. [ends Nov. 21]

Bid early and often!

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I'm pretty sure that babystyle fleece was a presie for the kid from the bestest Auntie in the world (cough cough) but I'm sure she forgives you for selling it :)

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