July 17, 2008

Alas, Poor Dodge MAXXcab Minivan-Truck, We Knew Him Not At All


PickupTrucks.com just named the 2000 Dodge MAXXcab concept one of the "5 Ugliest Concept Trucks" ever. The minivan-derived design, they said, was what was left over after the Dodge Power Wagon "had used up its designers' testosterone."

Funny, that the magazine's editors didn't have the balls to say how they felt about the design when it was launched. After dutifully transcribing the press release and DaimlerChrysler buzzwords, "Call it Dodge Different." was as critical as it got.

Frankly, truck or no, I think if Chrysler's minivans had gotten the MAXXcab's design DNA back in 2000, they'd be a helluvalot more interesting today. When I come up on a T&C or Caravan, I admit, the rear corner treatment and straight vertical window are kind of nice. Then the rest comes into view.

Top 5 Ugliest Concept Trucks [pickuptrucks.com via jalopnik]
related: Choptop Dodge Caravan in the wild


I actually think it is sweet. Muscular, aerodynamic looking. Because it is not F-150 ginormous means the dudes at PickupTrucks.com just don't get it.

I agree. it's definitely better than the freakin' Avalanche. This thing was years ahead of the Honda Ridgeline, too.

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