March 10, 2008

Vintage Community Playthings Original Maple Airplane


Haven't had a lot of the random eBay finds on here lately, probably because I haven't had as much time for the random eBay surfing as I used to.

But I always like to see these giant maple jets from Community Playthings come up. It's a little played with on top, of course, but the bottom is in great shape; and this is the first time I remember one with the original logo/sticker on the side. Good, heavy stuff.

Vintage Community Playthings Original Maple Airplane, auction ends Mar. 16, opening bid, $10+14 s/h [ebay]


Yes! A wooden Bell X-1. "Put the spurs to her, Chuck!"

The updated version isn't bad, but it lacks the elegance of the earlier version. Also, exposed screws.

Woah. I just flashed back to my pediatrician's office, circa 1972.

[what is it with pediatricians and this freaky poster? -ed.]

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