February 15, 2008

Kirsten Stoltmann And Amanda Ross-Ho's Artwork Would Indeed Make Quite A Poster


This Kirsten Stoltmann collage, "I'm Pregnant," was shown a couple of years ago at Wallspace Gallery in Chelsea. It is not the Kirsten Stoltmann pregnant image that NY Times critic Roberta Smith wants to see turned into a poster and put all over town. That one, a collaboration with her LA studio neighbor Amanda Ross-Ho, is a rather unabashed photo of a very nude, very pregnant Stoltmann sitting in a chair the way guys sit--annoyingly, I'm told--on the subway. It is titled, "Punk (You Can't Handle The Truth)".

If you're a punk who can, in fact, handle the truth--and if your workplace can, too--you can click through to Stoltmann and Ross-Ho's current exhibition at Guild & Greyshkul in SoHo.

"Vaginal Rejuvenation", Kirsten Stoltmann & Amanda Ross-Ho, through Feb. 16 [guildgreyshkul.com via nyt]

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