October 11, 2007

I Think I Can Top The Haha Gross-Out Baby Costumes By Specter Studios


At Thingamababy, AJ posted a pretty sick collection of gory and/or freaky infant Halloween costumes from monster mask maker Specter Studios.

There are elaborate octopus and bug costumes which wrap around a kid like a gnarly latex receiving blanket. And there's a whole collection of blood-soaked baby caps accessorized with hatchets, brain-eating aliens, gnawing rats...

The last one gives me an idea for the least appropriate infant costume this side of Sean Preston outfit [hillbilly teeth, Slurpee], and it's one you could make yourself: get two Beanie Babies: Freddy The Ferret, and Pit Bull Percy, and sew each one mouth-first onto the toe of a blood-soaked pair of baby booties.

Let's see Anne Geddes turn that into a desk calendar.

update: OK, I was totally kidding, but it turns out that the ferret Beanie Baby is named Shiloh, and the pit bull is named Butch. I totally want to see someone do this now.

beanie_baby_ferret.JPG beanie_baby_pit_bull.JPG

Bloody Bonnets: Worst Infant Costume, or Coolest Hardcore Baby Gore? [thingamababy]
Demented Infant Costumes: Octobaby and Carriage Critter [thingamababy]
Previously: hapless Louisiana white trash baby gets toes gnawed off by family puppy and/or ferret


I am enjoying the new "When plush animals attack" direction of Daddy Types.

[it's us or them, people. -ed.]

So this would be the place where I could suggest that someone does a white tiger costume like this: for kiddo, with bloody mouth makeup; and the daddy goes as a certain well-known Vegas entertainer with white tigers in his act? And the mom/significant other/co-parent/whatever could be the partner (in the act, I mean) of said entertainer?

[are you trying to say it's like they're married?? Next you'll be telling me Liberace was gay. -ed.]

I guess Butch is a "Bull Terrier" not a Pit Bull. There is a difference. The Bull Terrier is the kind like in the movie "Patton" or Spuds Mckensie (Bud Light fame of the 80's). I always thought Butch was a Jack Russell Terrier as I have one and the stuffed beanie looks like him.

[I just go with what Google/eBay tell me. Frankly, he looks more like Petey to me anyway. -ed.]

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