November 11, 2004

The Kid, Now Available in Snot-Nosed Version

So maybe I shoulda listened to that old lady at the grocery store. Maybe I SHOULDA put a hat on the kid for that quick Diet Coke run.

Anyway, she's got a cold, is very (and understandably) moody.

I can't give you medical advice; for that you should ask your doctor. I CAN, however, give you a stock tip: Buy Johnson & Johnson [NYSE: JNJ], parent company of McNeil Consumer & Specialty Pharmaceuticals, A Division of McNeil-PPC, Inc., the makers of Infant's Tylenol Plus.

Previously [and still going strong]:
Ten-Dollar Miracle Vaporizer Puts Kid To Sleep
Sleep or Breathe? Why Not Do Both?


Read this article while I was home with my sick (runny nose, cough, sneeze) 4 month old daughter. Went out that day and got the $10 vaporizer. That (along with the swing in our bedroom and the white noise machine, and not having had more than a 10 min nap all day) seemed to help her sleep. Thanks.

I did not, however, go out that day and buy the stock...

Ugh. Boogers.
Our one yr. old son has had an on-going cold for about a week.

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